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We are the premier Residential and Commercial Financing Concierge in the GTA with a focus on personalized service, competency, and speed.


Our Firm has successfully helped hundreds of families and businesses to obtain various types of loans and maximize their financial future with over 99% success rate.

No loan amount is too small or too big. "We believe there is always a way to get your deal closed."









Precision, Detail  & Speed to get your deal done. 

Our Firm has years of knowledge & experience with different types of loans and the associated challenges.


Freelancer Self-Employed Mortgages
Business Property Owner Mortgages
Mortgages for Professionals
Home Owners First Time Home Buyer Mortgages
Mortgage for New Immigrants Overseas Assets

Our Qualifications

Realtor Credentials Broker
Analyzing Data

Notable Results

At Cosmopolitan Mortgage Group, we represent motivated, discerning clients that need to achieve a financial goal. Whether that goal is to acquire or build a dream home, seek refinancing of their home, or secure business capital to acquire a building, or to grow their business. We use Precision, Details, Speed to get your deal done.


Below, you’ll find a sample of some of our past results.

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