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Commerical Mortgages

Commercial properties come with subtleties that our team is well versed in. Members of our team have owned, developed, or have extensive experience in mixed-use, retirement homes, offices, student housing, retail condominiums, industrial, multi-family, farms, affordable housing, CMHC-backed products, etc... We understand the treatment of rental income from the lenders, zoning, energy efficiency, affordability or accessibility designations, legalities of different types of units, and how lenders view them. We also factor the optics and writeup of AACI appraisals and engineering reports and how they impact each lending decision. Lenders also consider the length of leases, the quality of tenants, and your tax filings in arriving at their lending decision.


In addition to being a multi-disciplinary team with commercial property investment experience, our team has close relationships with AACI appraisers, Environment consultants, professional engineers, architects, Certified Engineering Technologists, Certified Energy Managers, surveyors, and environmental engineers, to position your investment property in the best light and reach your financial goal with the optimal lender.

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