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Mortgages Using Overseas Income

Our firm understands your unique financial needs & and challenges. Our diverse team has 30+ years of combined business, immigration, and real estate experience to obtain the best loan rates and terms.  Contact us now for more information.  

Clients with employment, business, or rental income overseas often have trouble finding a lender who will recognize that income. We seek lenders who accept the nature and origin of the income, and structure the case to demonstrate the strength of the borrower to the lender.


Clients with overseas income often need to:

  • Purchase a home for their spouse or children

  • Purchase an investment property

  • Secure a loan to start a business

  • Engage in business partnerships

Our Advantages vs. Bank Representatives

  • Precision, Detail, and Speed 

  • Excellent Negotiators and reputation with Lenders

  • Resourcefulness and maximize your options

  • Our business & financial planning background

  • We take your long-term financial goals into consideration

  • Our diverse team helps you navigate the complex Canadian and overseas financial system

Our Qualification

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