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Our Process


Every morgage is unique, we believe in thoroughly understanding your situation and your goals. We listen with compassion, without judgment, and in confidence.  





  • Upon contact, we arrange an in-person meeting, usually within 24-48 hours. If there are specifics in your financing case that you feel we should know about, and/or urgent timelines, please let us know, as we will assign the most competent team member to handle your case.

  • We listen carefully to your situation and goals

  • We are honest and transparent in our assessment of your case. We will let you know what can or can’t be achieved




  • If we feel we can achieve your goals with high certainty, we will present you with a financing timeline and retainer agreement

  • We will discuss with you options on things you can do to strengthen or expedite your case

  • We will provide you with a comprehensive documents list and when we need your documents to facilitate meeting your financing timing. We will discuss and address any obstacles in obtaining the required documents in a timely manner.



  • We brainstorm amongst our team and lending partners on the lender that would be the best fit for your specific case

  • We seek out the best lending partner, ensure there’s urgency placed on your case, and communicate clear deadlines

  • We underwrite your case expeditiously, comprehensively, and with detail to ensure your story is consistent, we present your situation in the best possible light, while addressing and mitigating the lender’s risk

  • We follow up with the lender actively to ensure questions are addressed immediately



We believe we are the premiere Residential and Commercial Financing Concierge in the GTA with a focus on personalized service, competency, and speed.


With an in-house cross-functional team that holds a combined 30 years of experience in (Chartered Accounting, Tax law, corporate law, and commercial banking) serving entrepreneurs, small/medium businesses, investors, and High Net Worth Individuals, we are the ideal team for clients that require immediate results!


We are able to underwrite complex deals small or large up to $100m.


We speak your language:


Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Ukrainian, Arabic, Russian, Spanish


Contact us today for an immediate meeting and assessment!

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