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Construction Financing

We are specialists in construction financing. We create a comprehensive package for lenders to address and mitigate risks and leverage opportunities. We do that by assessing the client’s building experience, location of the project, fit and timing, value upon completion, project budget, team, and borrower covenants. We fill the gaps in our client’s weaknesses with our partner professionals such as Construction estimators, architects, contractors, tradespeople, appraisers, engineers, and construction specialized real estate lawyers. Essentially, we are a construction concierge, with you from A and ensure your project gets completed as smoothly and on time as possible.


We secure construction financing for:


  • Custom homes build

  • Infill development

  • Industrial/Warehouse build

  • Low/Mid rise development

  • High rise development

  • Subdivision


We negotiate favourable terms such as:


  • Higher of Loan to Cost (LTC) or Loan to Completed Value (LTV)

  • Interest only payments

  • Better covenants

  • Easy to work with lenders, and easy-to-understand terms

  • Easy to understand construction draw process

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