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We aim to add value in your residential financing by our competency, details, creativity, honesty, and speed.


We believe in exhausting all options with all our resources, with top-tier lenders. A private lender is our last resource and we will be transparent with you.



  1. Purchases, investment properties, pre-construction homes

  2. Home Equity Line (HELOC) to Renovate/Daily Expenses/Additions/Laneway Homes

  3. Land Financing>Construction Loans>Conventional Mortgage

  4. Cottages, 2nd properties

  5. Snowbird real estate in New York or Florida


Lost your job

Underreported, cash income

Cash business

Foreign Income

Not enough reported income to close an investment property

The bank won’t renew your mortgage

Banks won’t say NO for whatever reason

Tax documents are not up to date

Need to refinance your home for whatever reason: renovations, daily bills, private school, car purchase 

Poor credit, bankruptcy


We have helped people from all walks of life:


  • Employed

  • Commissioned salespeople

  • Rental income

  • Cash income

  • Self-employed

  • Restaurant owners

  • Clinic owners

  • Doctors, lawyers, accountants

  • Farmers

  • Overseas income

  • Students

  • Foreign buyers

  • New immigrants



Financing Categories: Residential, refinances, home equity line of credit (HELOC), Luxury Homes, construction financing, laneway homes, farms, rental properties, triplexes, additions, cottages, vacant land, snowbird properties in the New York/Florida, Pre Construction properties, investment properties, Multi-unit residential, Rooming Houses, Multi-family, Mixed-use, Retirement Condominium, 2nd homes, condominiums, coops, medical student loans


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