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Private Mortgages

We believe in adding value to our clients’ financial cases. Only when we’ve exhausted ALL options and we believe a private mortgage is a right fit for you, will we recommend it.


Private mortgages often have the highest fees, and interest rates, and require the borrower to pay all the lender’s due diligence and closing costs.


A private mortgage may make sense:


  • Where the client is buying an unconventional property that a bank or lending institution is not ready to finance

  • The seller is in distress and the buyer needs to close quickly to take advantage of a good deal

  • The client has a short time window to close a property and waiting for the regular bank approval process is not an option

  • The client has a bad credit history or bankruptcy or requires time to repair their credit

  • The client has unreported, underreported, overseas, cash, or unverifiable income

  • The client needs to refinance to avert a 40 day Notice of Sale deadline/Power of Sale/Foreclosure

  • The client’s mortgage is in demand by the lender for breach or expiry


We will discuss all the costs and go through the comprehensive plan for exiting the private lender, either through timing a refinance through a higher-tier lender, selling the property, or renegotiating better rates with the private lender in the future once your situation improves.  

We have successfully closed a private residential private mortgages as high as 92% LTV in the past year.


We have successfully closed a commercial private mortgages as high as 77% LTV in the past year.


We have a strong network of private lenders, with best terms, highest LTV’s and fast closings.


We have closed private mortgages in as little as 2 business days from date of a lender commitment. Our trusted network of fast close lawyers, lenders, insurance brokers, appraisers, etc…give us the edge in minimizing closing times.

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