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BDC Business Loans

BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada) is one of Canada’s oldest banks, with business focused and diverse business loan solutions.


Popular BDC Programs include:


  • Up to 100% LTV for commercial real estate purchases

  • Up to $350,000 for working capital costs

  • Up to 125% LTV for macheriny/equipment purchase cost, installation, training

  • Up to 100% LTV for technology to modernize and streamline your business

  • Business Purchase or Transfer Financing



BDC business financing requires a sophisticated multi disciplinary team that’s able to understand the client’s business model, financial situation, opportunities, and challenges on an intimate basis.


Our multi disciplinary team with a background in accounting, corporate finance, business management, banking, and tax will ensure we understand your business’ revenue and operating model, industry, and financial situation.


We assist new and existing small medium businesses in BDC loans or at another suitable lender , Business Grants/Subsidies, Equipment/Car loans, Leasehold improvement loans, Construction Funds, Mezzanine (Cash flow based) Financing, Receivables/Inventory/Sales Financing, Commercial Property Owner Refinances, etc....


We have a close relationships with realtors, appraisers, contractors, equipment suppliers, designers, that can be strategically used in your business is cover gaps in your team, and effectively execute your business goals and financing targets. Our integrated team gets you the right BDC lending product for your business in the fastest timeframe possible.


We have been successfully involved in assisting business clients obtain BDC financing in the following industries:


  • LED Lighting Wholesaler

  • Jewellery maker/retailer

  • Home Security

  • IT Technology Startup

  • Landscaper

  • Professional offices

  • Cosmetic Clinics

  • Propane Supplier

  • Bakery

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