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Mortgages for Property Owners/Developers/Landlords

Our firm understands your unique financial challenges & and needs. Our team has 30+ years of combined business, property management, and real estate experience to obtain the best loan rates and terms.  Contact us now for more information.  

Property owners with equity can tap into home equity line of credits (HELOCs) or increase their existing mortgage. We can assess your situation to determine what the maximum you can qualify for and expeditiously obtain a HELOC.


HELOC Needs could include:

  • Renovations, home additions, laneway homes, building

  • Purchase of an investment property

  • Purchase of a cottage or snowbird property in Florida or New York 

  • Capital required for your business

  • Medical expenses

  • Personal expenses, daily living expenses, tuition fees, car purchase

  • Behind on mortgage payments, late payments

  • Consolidation of credit cards or other loans

Our Advantages vs. Bank Representatives

  • Precision, Detail, and Speed 

  • Excellent Negotiators and reputation with Lenders

  • Resourcefulness and maximize your options

  • Our financial planning & Real estate background

  • We take your long-term financial goals into consideration

Our Qualification

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