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Snowbird Mortgages (US)

Over 1 million Canadians flock to US destinations each year seeking sun and relaxation. New York and Florida are popular places Canadians purchase vacation homes. Generally, clients can finance their purchase with a US bank or purchase all cash.


We have partnered with banks in the state of Florida and New York that accept Canadian borrowers with Canadian credit scores and income.


We help employed or self-employed clients:


  • Refinance (HELOC) from their existing Canadian properties for a downpayment towards their vacation home purchase, and arrange a US mortgage with a partner lender.

  • Refinance their paid off US property with a partner lender

  • Our in house CA and US accounting firm can ensure your taxes on both sides of the border are compliance with the lender’s requirements. We can handle CA and US audits, reviews, and notice of readers for self employed Canadians that are required to demonstrate business income to qualify for a US mortgage or CA HELOC

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