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We get your clients to the finish line faster!

Our referrals come from:

  • Realtors

  • Business Brokers

  • Bankers

  • Business Owners

  • Property Owners/Landlords

  • Specialized Residential Mortgage Agents who have Business/Commercial cases

  • Lawyers


They know we have the expertise and reputation to take care of their clients. We even get referrals from other mortgage agents who may not have specific expertise in business/commercial cases.


Our firm mostly handles difficult residential or commercial mortgage cases. We have experienced agents with the expertise and can do attitude, determined to go the distance on each and every case until we get an approval.


We’ve built our reputation by protecting yours. When you refer to our firm, it’s not just a referral; it’s your reputation. We treat every referral with the highest level of care, while getting your clients the best financing situation they deserve.



Why Refer to Cosmopolitan


A multi disciplinary team approach to each case, each case handled by at least two brokers with the relevant skill set and an underwriter


Our in-house cross functional team has a combined 30 years+ experience in (Chartered Accounting, Tax law, corporate financing, commercial banking, business management) serving entrepreneurs, small/medium businesses, investors, and High Net Worth Individuals, we are the ideal team for clients that require immediate results!


Our team has an extensive network of 60 plus residential mortgage lenders, and 50 plus commercial mortgage/loan lenders.


We maintain close relationships with AACI appraisers, Environment consultants, professional engineers, architects, Certified Engineering Technologists, Certified Energy Managers, surveyors, environmental engineers, to position your client’s property in the best light and reach their financial goal with the optimal lender.




We Pay Referral Fees

We pay referral fees in accordance the Mortgage Brokerage Act guidelines. We ensure that future referrals are your referrals, meaning that when one of your prior referrals, refers a new case to us, that case is considered a referral from you.


We offer regular reporting. Our team will send you updates as often as you would like. Some referrers prefer to receive a weekly update or key milestones update, while others only want to be notified when we are sending them a referral cheque.



If you would like to discuss a referral relationship, call us at 416-617-1388, or fill out the form above to set up an appointment.

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