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Mouhanad Youssef


VP Residential and Commercial Financing

He speaks English and Arabic.



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About Mouhanad 

Mouhanad is Mouhanad is a mortgage agent an entrepreneur with a successful track record of building businesses in multiple industries. He initially entered the restaurant field, developing and selling multiple restaurant concepts, and continues to be invested in multiple restaurants while consulting in the field. He co-founded a concert promotion and production company that went on to stage over 100 concerts throughout the US and Canada. He continues to be involved in the arts as an executive board member of Maple Arts, a national presenter of cultural events, and the Canadian Arabic Orchestra, a Canadian national orchestra focused on promoting the classical Arabic Repertoire. In recent years, he has focused on developing a commercial and residential lending practice and works with developers, borrowers, and investors looking for alternative solutions. In the community, Mouhanad has devoted significant time and effort to disaster relief efforts, having led response teams in major disasters throughout North America and continues to be an active member of the Canadian Red Cross Supply Chain Management Team.


Mouhanad identifies opportunities, executes, and manages multiple projects. He has the unique ability to communicate complex scenarios clearly with clients, empower financing teams both internal and external partners, and ensure all our financing projects and overall experiences for our clients and partners are executed with efficiency and a personal touch.


Mouhanad is fluent in Arabic and English. He holds a commerce degree in International Business from Carleton University, Ottawa.


His passions include performance music (he plays the Oud), traveling extensively, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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